Branding Guidelines

For the moHosts and other 3rd party service providers, we have made this page as a guide to 


Font Specimen




We use Ubuntu typeface for heading and titles in most of our materials - Ubuntu

DM Sans



We use DM Sans typeface for body-text in all our materials – DM Sans.





Our logo is our own property and we retain all rights afforded by Canada and International Laws. As a moHost, you can use our logo on your site to promote our products. But please ensure you follow the color, and other branding guidelines.

Some Details

There are some cases where you can use our branding materials without asking permission, and some for which our advance permission is required.

You can use materials without advance permission to:

  • Truthfully describe products
  • Report news or information about
  • Link to our sites.

If you’d like to use materials for reasons other than those listed above, please ask our permission by contacting us. We’ll review all requests and grant permission to high-quality projects that further the site and communities.

Here are more examples of when you need and don’t need our permission to use a materials.

Use without permission if you want to:

  • Describe our product and services
  • Refer or link to official product
  • Engage in non-commercial projects that promote the spread of official products.

You need our permission before using if you want to:

  • Include it in your company name, logo, or branding.
  • Use it in any way that suggests a relationship with or endorsement from

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