mospeaker agreement

Get ready to complete the moSpeaker Agreement!

You're on this page because your moHost has slotted you in to speak at momondays. Great! At the bottom of this page, you'll find the link to the moSpeaker Agreement, but please read this page first to make sure you have everything you need, and that the tech goes as smoothly as it can, (because well, you know, tech happens sometimes!)

What does the Speaker Agreement cover?

The moSpeaker Agreement includes important legal topics that protect your copyrights of your story and momondays' rights to use the recordings. It also includes a number of tips on what makes a great moStory such as the all-important 'no teaching, no selling, no preaching -- and no therapy' rule.

What 'content' do you need?

The moSpeaker Agreement also asks you for the information that your moHost needs to promote you as a moSpeaker, decide on the best sequence of moStories for the moShow, and introduce you on stage. You will have already submitted some of this in your moSpeaker Application, but you may have evolved your thinking since then, so we encourage you to look at this with fresh eyes.

You will be asked to fill in fields that cover: 

  1. 1
    The title of your moStory
  2. 2
    A subtitle for your moStory
  3. 3
    The promo blurb for your moStory
  4. 4
    How your experience changed you and your outlook on life
  5. 5
    The key outcome, lesson, or insight that you'd like the audience to walk away with
  6. 6
    Your bio, social media links, etc.

We highly recommend that you prepare this information in advance in a text document, so you can simply copy/paste the information into the fields.

How to ensure the smoothest technology experience

Because different people use different browsers, computers, wifi connections, and all kinds of different 'Voodoo', it's a challenge to ensure that everything always works perfectly for your individual set-up. That's why we use well-known tools such as GoogleForms. And yet, for time to time, 'tech' still happens.
So, before you click the link below, make sure you:

  • have the password provided to you by your moHost
  • have your responses to the questions already written out in a text document

We do not recommend you complete the form on your mobile device as the window is small and there's a fair bit of typing. If you click on the link and enter your password, and then see a blank screen, (which we heard can happen sometimes, especially with the MS Edge browser), you can try the following steps:

  • Refresh your page and/or clear your cache
  • Clear your browser's cookies
  • Use a faster internet connection
  • Wait a few moments (30 secs) before putting in your password
  • Switch to Google Chrome

If all this fails, let us know using the 'Contact Us' link above. Thanks!